TTI provides cutting edge Radiofrequency and Antenna solutions for Satellite Communications based on most advance technologies.

TTI is a market leader in Radiofrequency and Antenna solutions with a wide range of products for Broadcast, Aerospace, Defence & Security and many other niche markets.

TTI has a unique portfolio of high power SSPAs/BUCs based on Gallium Nitride (GaN) solid state technology for broadcast applications. From tens of Watts up to few KWs, maximizing linear power and providing outstanding performance for multicarrier uplinks at different frequency bands.

TTI has a great heritage of SSPA/BUCs delivered and in 24/7 operation under most demanding environmental conditions.

European broadcast technology “made and fabricated in Europe”.

Key features:

Multi carrier uplinks: No limit in number of carriers and separation in frequency among them. Less back off than TWTs.

Modularity and scalability: Combination in phase of SSPA modules allows the system to grow in power at any time. Capital investment flexibility. Built-in redundancy and Hot Swappable.

Linear Power: Only 1dB from saturated power for C/N -25dBc.

Graceful Degradation

Lifetime and MTBF: GaN technology is very reliable and lifetime much longer than TWTs. Very robust and good performance in temperature.

Simple operation and maintenance.

OPEX reduction: High electricity savings for multicarrier high power uplinks. High efficient redundancy configurations.

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