Company NPOSvyazProekt specializes in the creation of global solutions in the segment of the telecommunications and broadcasting. NPO SvyazProekt is a leading system integrator in the field of construction of communication networks and broadcasting, including in the field of mobile, wireless, satellite and digital television broadcasting.

The company operates in the market of telecommunications services for over 10 years.

The  company focuses on the implementation of professional integration solutions in the development and creation of systems and networks for various assignments, such as satellite teleports, and supply of TV- and radio communication equipment, including satellite antenna systems, broadcasting equipment and TV-radio broadcasting equipment, mobile systems for broadcasting (mobile satellite stations MSS), the switching equipment of data transmission networks of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction and installation work on the laying of fiber optic link lines and the creation of objects of communication networks; and the ability to attract external funding for projects. (мобильных комплексов для телерадиовещания (передвижных спутниковых станций ПСС), коммутационного оборудования сетей передачи данных от ведущих мировых производителей строительно-монтажные работы по прокладке линий ВОЛС и созданию объектов сетей связи; а также возможность привлечения внешнего финансирования проектов.)

Only certified equipment meeting both global and Russian standards is used in the implementation of the project.

Company renders a full range of services of any level of complexity: from the pre-feasibility study, selection of the construction site, and providing the support of state project expertise until the facilities are completed, a warranty and post-warranty service.

Engineers, designers and cable masters with a high level of technical training and significant skills in the design and commissioning of digital TV and radio broadcasting facilities, as well as satellite communication systems are certified by the leading foreign equipment manufacturers; they are constantly improving their skills, and they at- tend training in educational centers made available by the manufactures of equipment and systems.

Apart from its primary activities, our company actively provides information support from industry experts by publishing technical articles in specialized media, and taking part in the exhibitions, and holding conferences and training seminars.

Both warranty and post-warranty servicing of the equipment and systems supplied is also an integral part of the services provided by NPO SvyazProekt. A service center for Newtec and CPI equipment, the only one in Russia, was established and is now operating under the company.


This company offers the following skills and services to its clients:

  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Developing technical solutions and functional plans
  • Implementation of prefeasibility studies and issuing the proper design documents
  • Support of state projects with expertise at the federal and regional levels
  • Construction and assembly operations
  • Supplyandinstallationofequipment
  • Assistance in drawing up applications for permission to operate communication facilities
  • Warranty and post-warranty services,
  • Advising and training client’s personnel.


SRO membership Certificate of Design (Certificate confirming permit for design works)

№ П.037.77.5706.12.2011.

SRO membership Certificate of Construction (Certificate confirming permit for constuction works)

№ С.055.77.3734.12.2011.

SRO membership Certificate of research

№ И.055.77.1323.04.2011.

Certificate of Conformance


ISO 9001:2008

№ СДС.РЕТ.СМК 3579.04.МРС-200036 24.05.2012.


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